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Classroom Based Service

Classroom based Hardware & Networking Training

We provide hands-on practical training as per corporate requirement. We dedicated for IT-IMS based technologies. We give beyond the book training to improve extra knowledge of students. We gives complete supports to the students to achieve success in technology. We don't end our relation to students when their training complete. We continual support to students by sending monthly mail of IT world. We continuous upload videos of IT worlds on our site so students can access it with them student's account. We take weekly online based exam on regular basis and encourage the students to achieve 100%.We also take feedback from every our students for improve our service on regular basis.

Online Based Service

Online IT Training

Our certified professional provides extraordignary training of Hardwar &  networking technologies by our site. Online training provide cost saving and time saving solution to the students. Due to huge pressure of academic degree course students can't able to learn extra technologies to improve knowledge so we providing online based training to individual students through our site. We provide student's username and password to login on our site to the students so student can access our training. We provide online exam, Feedback, Government exam Add information, extra technology information , study materials, recorded lecture videos of our professional, live lecture, chat with our professionals, exam results information, vacancy information in student's account so student can easily access any information through single login.


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